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Toyota 4-runner

Toyota 4-Runner SUV was launched into serial production in 1984. The car was intended primarily for the American market (Japanese version is called Hilux Surf). The basis for creating a model was taken pickup Hilux. In fact, the SUV differed from the pickup only by a fiberglass “cap” and an additional row of seats, and in some trim levels the car had only two seats. Toyota 4Runner SUV for the US market has a frame structure, and one of three types of drive: rear, rigidly connected full or permanent full. Inside the car - three rows of seats. Toyota 4Runner SUV is equipped with a four-liter V6 engine with a capacity of 270 liters. with. and a five-speed automatic transmission. Until 2010, the buyers were also offered a 4Runner with a four-cylinder engine of 2.7 liters (157 hp.) And a four-stage "automatic". Choose the model and get information about Toyota 4Runner parts. Here collected data for Toyota 4Runner 2019 car parts, data up to 2019.

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